I am so thankful for my session with Sharon
“When I went to see Sharon I needed clarification in my life.  I just didn’t know it yet.  Her words of wisdom were not something I blindly followed.  I mentioned something and the way she worded it helped me define what I already knew, but had never been able to articulate.  I am so thankful for my session with her... Read More
Sharon is a kind, honest and direct reader!
“Sharon is a kind, honest and direct reader.  She makes herself available whenever I need help.  I appreciate her honesty and ability to sort out difficult emotions.  She has helped me through extremely difficult times with compassion, understanding and a generous hear.  I appreciate her ability and would strongly recommend her. Loan G. – Stamford, CT”
A very special lady and my shining star!
“I just wanted to pop in and give “Props” to a very special lady!   Sharon you are my shining star.  Back in 2012 we met for the first time and from that point on you have made a huge and I mean huge change in my life and now after meeting my husband his live as well.  Your abilities... Read More
I was pleasantly surprised after having my reading with Sharon.
“I was pleasantly surprised after having a reading with Sharon.  It was a last minute appointment and another psychic recommended her as he couldn’t get to us in that day.  I took my friend for a reading and upon leaving decided to get one myself.  Sharon is a quick, to the point, direct, and it was not a generic reading.... Read More
Sharon is a fast, accurate, no nonsense reader!
“Sharon is a fast, accurate, no nonsense reader.  If I really need answers I go to Sharon.  She sees things very clearly.  I have even referred friend, all with very positive experiences. Sharon is a “baby psychic” just starting out.  She has been reading for over 29 years and it shows in her abilities and understanding of energy and her... Read More
Sharon is my “Go To” psychic.
“I have known Sharon for 12 years.  She was my very first reading ever.  She has always given me accurate information, sometimes not what I want to hear. lol  But she is usually right.  She is fun, sweet, hones and is my “go to” psychic.  She has read my son since he wad 9 and now that he’s a teenager... Read More
You were right!
“You said that I would hear about a job soon and you were right!  I just got an email for employment.  I am hopeful.  Thanks and I hope to see you soon.  Please come back to Austin!   MIkki C – Austin, TX”
My whole life has changed!
“I have to tell you that your reading brought forth a great deal of truth for me and my whole life has changed!  I’m just preparing for my spiritual journey and putting the pieces together.   I am researching but am also traveling in my dreams.  You’re a blessing.  I would love to have you as a coach.  I want... Read More
I’m Just so happy with my reading!
“I am just so happy with your reading.  You got stuff other people never have.  I am giddy and have this feeling of empowerment.  I am not going to sit around and wait for my boyfriend to come back to me.  He doesn’t deserve me and I am done waiting and feeling guilty.  I have you to thank for that!... Read More
It was great seeing you again!
“Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today.  I was much happier after speaking to you.  As always, it was great seeing you again! Jana – Walnut Creek, CA”
You have given me a new lease on life!!
“Dearest Sharon – You have given me a new lease on life!!  I am forever grateful for the many things you shared with me but mostly “I AM ENOUGH!!”  Thank you lady until we meet again.”
Amazing Experience
“I met Sharon in 2000 through my best friend Kimberlie at a little book store in Sacramento. Sharon was my very first reading and I was not sure what to expect. It was a very amazing experience! She just ask me for my name and began telling me everything she could see about me and she was absolutely right! Since... Read More
You Were Right
“Sharon, It was a pleasure meeting you at Sacramento’s Holistic fair last month. During my reading, I was concerned that I have misplaced my parent-in-laws’ cards and you assured me that it wasn’t my fault and that my in-laws had stored them away. I am thrilled to share with you that the cards are found and you were right. My... Read More
“Sharon, I love you!  You are a wonderful psychic and caring person.”
Very Accurate
“To Sharon-  You’ve provided me with two very accurate readings.    You were so right.  Thanks again!”
Accurate & Honest
“I have been a regular client of Sharon Sampsel’s since 1999, both in person and over the telephone.  She has amazed me with her accuracy, engaged me with her honesty, and assured me with her caring. Sharon’s accuracy in her readings is incredible.  Many times she has read things that my immediate reaction is to say, “No way, that’s impossible!”  However,... Read More